The Ontology Repository

  • The Repository allows to add, edit and delete an ontology location or name (local and external files).
  • SORMAF also allows to select those ontologies the user wished to work with.


Searching for a class

Searching Class

  • Searching throughout more than one ontology is possible. Once the ontologies have been selected the user is able to build the “query”.
  • The output of this process is a list of classes.


Quick overview

Quick Overview

In order to have a better idea of classes this feature proviedes an overview for the selected class -Object Properties, Data Properties, Instances and documentation.


Browsing (up to three classes)


Once the classes have been found and selected it is also possible to have a unified view of more than one class.



  • Unified view for 3 classes. Users are able to compare by inspecting the selected classes.
  • Augmenting the surrounding area for the view of the classes is also possible.


Detailed View

This feature facilitates the exploration of classes by providing a hierarchical representation of the ontology as well as a graph of the selected class and its relationships across the ontology.


Comparing two terms

The Plug-in allows users to compare classes by providing them with a side-by-side view.


Graph Visualization

Graph View

The graph visualization, exporting facilities, customized view.